So, it would appear that MTV has found a place to film the next season of The Real World, in Washington D.C. It’s on 20th and S Streets NW, right near the desirable and architecturally significant “Kalorama Triangle” (within Calvert St, Connecticut Ave, and Columbia Road, all NW natch).

Setting of Real World DC

Setting of Real World DC

According to the blog Borderstan, they’ll also shoot extensively at 1435 P St NW, also known at Halo Lounge. The site is kind of laughable because it’s blasting Beyonce’s single. I hope the actual bar isn’t playing power ballads all night, although that won’t deter me from starting my own storyline on the show by camping out there morning noon and night.

Bunim-Murray Productions has dispatched a guard to sit out front as a crew works to renovate the inside (because if there’s no indoor hot tub in the 19th century walk-up, then it’s not really Real World, is it?), but she looks like all it’d take is a few singles to get some info out of her.

According to Prince of Petworth,

It seems of the four level house, levels 1, 2 and about half of 3 are living … with the other half of level 3, then all of level 4 being production space. I don’t think I ever realized from my Real World watching days of yesteryear how much of an internal space would be for production purposes on location. It seems as if there will be four bedrooms … then also a gym, a pool table, etc.  From looking out the windows – it seems to be the right location, which would be definite confirm (if any more confirmation were needed) that this is indeed the house.”

This should be the busiest corner in the city aside from wherever that new Indian food cart parks on the Capitol campus. They should really give the leg-aides a break…they have enough stains on their ties already, they don’t need masaala sauce on there too.

Because Hill staffers are frumpy…see what I did there?